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Stained glass artist Avignonet​

“Day is the color of the glass you look through”


 Création vitrail Restauration Stages 


My story

From a very young age, I had the chance to taste manual work and activities such as glasswork, wood, painting, and drawing…

Attracted more particularly by graphics and aesthetics in general, I naturally gravitated towards an Arts and Crafts school in VALENCE (Spain) where I followed a course in “graphic design” between 1995 and 1999.

Trained in different techniques (Tiffany stained glass, decorative resin, fusing, decoration and lighting, restoration of furniture and tapestries, etc.), I then worked as a stained glass artist in a glass study in VALENCE (Spain) then as a stained glass trainer within a women's association between 1998 and 2004.

After a break of a few years where I pursued other activities, I rediscovered my artistic passion in France.

Arriving in Toulouse in 2018, I undertook work-study professional training at the IMARA school (Revel).

I was thus able to enrich my technical background (Lead, stained glass restoration, stained glass painting, grisaille and enamels) and validate my CAP Stained Glass Artist diploma in France.

Now based in Lauragais, I opened my workshop to create and transmit the magic of stained glass to my trainees and clients.

Need to express your creativity

Stained glass artist Avignonet is a stained glass workshop 30 minutes from Toulouse. If you want to bring out the artist in you, don't hesitate and register now for the lessons that I offer for adults in private sessions. Everyone can learn to express their creativity. I encourage you all to develop your personal projects in my workshop in Avignonet Lauragais by learning the techniques of creating stained glass windows. I guarantee you a unique artistic experience.


Need a personalized project

Stained glass specialist Avignonet offers you the opportunity to realize your personalized projects by giving you the freedom to choose the color, shape and design. Professional monitoring from the moment of idea, creation and final execution.

Contact me

Contact me

Merci pour votre envoi !


Welcome visitors to my site. The stained glass courses can also be in your language. Let me know if you have any questions.

Welcome back to my page. The video courses can also be taken in Spanish. Contact me if you have any instructions.

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